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From: Sheila Scofield
When: Thursday, 11:14 AM

Dear Entrepreneur,

You'll soon find out, if you don't know already, that being an affiliate is one of the easiest ways of making serious money on the internet.

If you're already familiar with the affiliate process, feel free to scroll down to discover why we're unique.


If you're not familiar with the affiliate process, you'll see it's ridiculously easy:


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Step Two: We'll give you everything you need. All you have to do is promote a special URL  

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Step Four: Finally, purchase that car you've been dreaming of. (Or whatever it is you thought

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Ask any serious affiliate, and he or she will tell you that this is a no-brainer way to earn easy money.


We provide the hot product. We take care of the hosting, the billing, the support, and updating the software. We use our killer marketing proven to generate sales. All you need to do is promote.


If you've always dreamed of making money on the internet, this is the easiest way, and now is the absolute best time.


Let me tell you, it is very, very possible to make millions and retire just from sitting at home in your underwear, typing on a laptop. I've met several people who've done it.


But even if you don't make millions, you can easily earn thousands of extra dollars each month in your spare time, just by working on your computer.


PopupReminder does all the hard work for you...


Take Advantage Of PopupReminder

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Let me discuss with you exactly why PopupReminder offers what may be the best affiliate program on the internet...


For one, this is an currently-hot product with profits that are increasing.


As successful as PopupReminder is now, our sales data indicates that our peak is far from being reached. That means, as an affiliate, your profits will keep climbing and climbing, just as ours are.


This is precisely why the "PopupReminder Affiliate Program" is the preferred affiliate program by a lot of the "top affiliates" out there. We simply don't offer a dud. Our web page has been proven to sell, and will continue to sell as the product becomes even hotter.


And because PopupReminder is affordable¡ª$39.95 is not a difficult sale, by any means¡ªyou're going to get a constant stream of income from a lot of sales, rather than waiting for one person to buy a 400 dollar eBook.


Finally, we offer an actual product¡ªa software program¡ªnot some eBook full of rehashed information from the net. You can be confident in the product you're selling.

If you're a first-time affiliate, I'm proud of your decision to start earning money. If you're an experienced affiliate, welcome! I can't wait for you to join our team.

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