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A Shocking Innovation Has Been Discovered To Simplify Your Day, Add Thousands To Your Monthly Income, And Finally Bring Your Dreams And Long-Term Goals To Life

From: Sheila Scofield
When: Tuesday, 1:47 PM

Dear Friend,

Finally, you can get what you want, thanks to an innovation my friends and I have been selfishly taking advantage of for a while now.

Now you can take advantage of this innovation, too.

You'll find it included in a brilliant and easy-to-use software program you can download today ... In minutes you'll be transforming your life to the life you've always wanted, and always knew was just within your reach.

But first, let me explain how it all began.

I was working a dead-end job. You can imagine: a grueling 9-to-5, coming home everyday to my television, and not really getting much out of life.

You see, the thing was, I wanted more.

I wanted a job I enjoyed. I wanted more money. I wanted a much better apartment. And I really, really wanted a car that didn't have duct-tape holding the doors together.

I had all these wonderful dreams, but time kept passing by and nothing really changed.

I knew I could reach my goals. I mean, other people just like me were reaching similar goals. So, why wasn't I doing it?

I asked myself, in a moment of despair: If the upcoming years are anything like the last few years, will you ever reach your goals?

Most likely not. And let me tell you, there's a point when you simply realize, once and for all: You need help.

"To-do lists" didn't help much. I'm sure you've noticed your brain doesn't work in a neat, systematic list. In an hour I was back to my old habits.

I listened to all the self-help tapes. I tried those clunky "personal organizer software programs" with 500 features (I ended up wasting hours tinkering with the settings). I even blew a thousand dollars on a fancy "digital organizer" that I'd carry around with me everywhere I went.

Nothing worked!

The days, months, and years slipped by.

I began to sink into a slump...

The Crucial Mistake Most People Make That Guarantees They'll Never Live Out Their Dreams

I'm assuming that since you've read this far, you already know what it's like to have goals and dreams that are eluding you.

It may well be the worst feeling in the world. It's cherishing a "dream life" over the life you actually have.

You can go watch TV, or even toss back a few drinks, but unless you start living the life you want, you aren't going to get rid of those feelings of inadequacy, emptiness, and anxiety.

The most frustrating thing of all is that you know you can achieve your goals. You've seen people who aren't as intelligent, creative, or talented get "lucky" and have the life you want.

But is it really luck? Or is there something else that is preventing you?

For example: Most people think that it is impossible for them to become a millionaire and retire early. Millionaires are simply "lucky", so the logic goes. But this simply isn't true. Unless, of course, you're talking about lottery winners ...

If you really want to become a millionaire, you have to do what it takes. Most people are not willing to do what it takes to achieve their dreams. And consequentially, many, many people are unhappy with their lives. We have a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry that makes a killing selling anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication. We have psychiatrists who charge hundreds-of-dollars an hour to disillusioned clients. We have so many people, desperate to escape their problems, overeat and fall into addictive behavior.

I didn't want to feel this way anymore. I know you don't, either.

You need something that's going to help you handle all the normal, routine tasks you need to finish every day, while at the same time propelling you to accomplish your biggest goals. You need a procrastination killer.

The solution, thankfully, hit me like a bolt of lightning ...

The Solution Is Simple: You Need Brute-Force

To Keep You On Track For Achieving Your Dreams 

You'll never guess what crazy idea I came up with.

The best solution I could think of would be to hire someone to sit by me when I was at my computer and watch what I was doing.

If I started procrastinating, my hired-help would tap me on the shoulder and tell me, "It's time to get back to work, Sheila."

You know, I think this would have worked.

I even started drafting up ads to put in the classifieds, so I could actually hire such a person.

See, I didn't have that much money at the time, and my friends thought I was completely crazy to be willing to pay someone by the hour to keep me on track.

But I knew that if I could just get all the stuff done that I needed to do, it would pay itself off thousands of times over...

The problem was - you guessed it - I put off actually hiring this person for months and months, and it fell off to the wayside, just like everything else I wanted to do.

Then, one night at 3:00 AM when I was trying to fall asleep, I was pondering how powerful computers have gotten lately, and I suddenly realized something massive.

I sat straight up in bed, and my heart was pounding.

Maybe there was an easier way!

What if, instead of a person I had to hire and pay every hour, I used a computer program?

What if there was a computer program, like the person I would have hired, that would always be running on your computer, that would actively make sure that you got the things you needed to done?

Not a to-do list program, but one that would actually stay with you and prevent you from procrastinating any longer?

I Put It To The Test. The Results Were Exhilarating.

I was so excited, I laid out the specifications for the software right there and then, on some scrap paper.

As soon as my software programmers finished the first version, I installed it. I gave myself a month of using it to see if it could end my procrastination.

Sure, at first I had to fight the urge to just quit the program. (You can guess where that would have led: one of my two-hour or worse "procrastination binges"!)

If you don't run it, it can't help you. So I kept it running.

The results?

It was mind-boggling. Right from the beginning, I noticed that the things on my "to-do lists" were getting done, and fast.

  • In the first 30 minutes, I paid all of my bills, tidied my bathroom, emptied the trash, and took care of all chores that usually annoy me throughout the day. With the small stuff out of your way, you'll be ready to accomplish the big stuff.
  • In the first day, I finished work at 3:30, a hour-and-a-half early. That never used to happen!
  • In the first five days, I finished a daunting project I had been putting off for weeks, which I had guessed would take at least a month! I'm telling you, you're going to be surprised at how quickly you can get things done with the focused and consistent work that comes from this program.
  • In the first month, I had my highest earning month that year by several thousand dollars. This program wasn't just organizing my life; it was making me serious money.

Although I was thrilled with the results, I wanted to make sure it wasn't just a coincidence. I wanted to see if this program is the real deal.

So I sent out "for-your-eyes-only" copies to my friends, relatives, and business partners. No hype. I simply said, "Use this for a month, and tell me what you think."

Not even a week passed, and already I was getting swamped with phone calls:

"This program is changing my life!" "Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sheila!" And I had business partners who were already begging me to be affiliates. "You need to sell this program immediately," they said. "This will spread like wildfire."

You know, every person I sent the program to and who actually used the program (some of them, unfortunately, procrastinated and never tried it) experienced skyrocketing levels of productivity, well beyond what they'd expected from a little software program.

And at the same time all of my friends and coworkers were changing their lives, I'd already finished another software program I wanted to release, complete with marketing, and I'd recorded 10 hours of instructional audios for another product I wanted to sell.

I was on fire, and loving every minute of it.

I'd finally found a way to put an end to procrastination forever.

How PopupReminder Will Put An End

To Your Procrastination Forever

images/3.jpgHere's how it works.

Download PopupReminder in minutes.

Simply double-click on the program. It installs easily, and takes up very little space on your computer.

PopupReminder will then stay running on your computer (unless you tell it not to) and start when you turn the computer on. Since we've made the program very efficient, it's not going to slow your computer down, and it won't clutter your desktop.

If you need to, you can remove it at any time by simply clicking an icon. PopupReminder has also been tested to be 100% spyware and virus free.

To use PopupReminder, in a box the program provides simply type whatever needs to be done, along with any words of encouragement you want to hear. You then specify when you want these words to "pop up" on your screen.

These "pop ups" work to keep you productive and away from procrastination by interrupting you for a second, making sure you're doing what needs to be done. You could get a person to watch over your shoulder as you work, but PopupReminder is the next best thing!

It's simple, but powerful...

There are so many ways you can use this program, but I'll give you just a few ...

Two Innovations You'll Rely On To Be At Your Best

I've discovered there are two frequently reported reasons people go crazy over this program, and why I am certain you're going to think of PopupReminder as the most valuable program on your computer.

REASON ONE: PopupReminder is streamlined, efficient, and direct.

You know that your "to-do lists", if you put down everything you really need to do, become huge and complicated.

Not to mention "organization software", with 500 features, doesn't get at your problem either. The problem is a simple one: procrastination. Tinkering with a bunch of settings doesn't do anything.

PopupReminder only has what is absolutely essential to beating your procrastination, so you can't procrastinate while using it!

PopupReminder is so simple to use there is no learning curve. The first time you use it is identical to the 1000th time.

And because it's not a bulky program, it can stay running on your computer all the time. It hardly takes up any computer memory, and won't slow your computer down or interfere with anything you're doing (we designed it this way on purpose, since we use it constantly).

RESON TWO: PopupReminder will push you to complete one thing at a time, but has the flexibility to incorporate all of your plans.

PopupReminder is designed to help you handle your responsibilities in the order of their priority.

In this regard, it works the opposite way a "to-do" list works.

"To-do" lists don't account for priority. For example, if you write down the 10 things you need to be doing, chances are if you do any of them at all, you're going to do what least needs to be done.

With PopupReminder, you type into the screen the one thing that needs to be done most, right at that moment. Once you complete that thing, in a single click, you can clear the screen to type in the next thing. It's easy to get things done in the proper order.

It is also true that what you need to do can be complicated. Sometimes you're also going to need to hear several specific things in order to motivate you to work.

That's why PopupReminder is flexible. You can put whatever you need into PopupReminder - be it a complicated outline or motivational speech - and it will use it to push you along and get your work done!

You'll Fall In Love With PopupReminder. Here's Why.

The only way you can really see the power of PopupReminder is to download it and try it yourself.

Once you download, you're going to be able to:

  • Get your business completely in gear - If you run a business, it's time for you to take it to the next level. You know there are a whole slew of things you need to do to get it at that level, and PopupReminder is your solution. If you want to improve your business, you're going to need PopupReminder to drastically sharpen your productivity.
  • Finally, see a remarkable increase in your income - If you're an entrepreneur, you know how much potential profit you could be making next month.  Well, with PopupReminder, next month becomes this month. Try it. You'll earn more than you have all year, guaranteed.
  • Pay all your pesky bills on time - As soon as you know you have to pay a bill, just put it into PopupReminder and tell it to remind you every hour to make sure that you've paid. You'll feel a burden lifted off of your chest, trust me!
  • Never miss or be late to an appointment - All you have to do is tell PopupReminder that you have an appointment (you can even specify the date), and it will remind you every few minutes as the appointment approaches, so you don't forget to leave on time. This will save you lots of stress and possible embarrassment.
  • Enjoy your breaks by taking smaller, better breaks - PopupReminder doesn't mean "all work and no play." You need to take breaks, we all do, but the key to success is to take small breaks, not long ones. Easily set PopupReminder to remind you when to take a break about every 30 minutes or so. After your break, PopupReminder will tell you when to get back to work, so you spend minutes instead of wasting hours.
  • Preserve that lasting, meaningful bond with your family and friends - Never again forget to call your family, your friends, or your clients. PopupReminder will save you grief and disappointment by keeping your contacts happy! This could be the most valuable benefit of all - priceless.

  • Finally, stay healthy with regular eating and sleeping. - Most of us don't get enough sleep and aren't nourished properly. This affects all areas of our life, including our work. PopupReminder makes a great alert for dinner or "bedtime" - just like when you were a kid.
  • Easily break large projects into small, manageable tasks - What's really going to make you money are the big plans, but big plans require lots of small moves. The reason PopupReminder has been making so many people wealthy is because it pushes you firmly, one step at a time, towards your goal.
  • Prevent serious damage to your eyes - The prestigious MayoClinic recommends taking frequent breaks from staring at your computer screen in order to prevent eyestrain, a very serious way to damage your eyes. The easiest way to make this a habit is to use PopupReminder. If you frequently use the computer, this is an absolute must.
  • Simplify working at home - It used to be difficult for me to juggle between household chores and work, since I worked at home. PopupReminder was a lifesaver. Once you begin using it, you'll never have to worry about neglecting your home or neglecting your work. Just set a "pop-up" to tell you when to switch focus.
  • Exercise efficiently, start feeling fantastic - You've most likely heard the studies that say only 15 minutes of exercise a day is incredible for your health. The problem is, I'm guessing, you're a busy person, and often you forget to exercise at all. Just create a Popup for 15 minutes, and problem solved. Exercise will help all areas of your life, including your work.
  • Never again forget an anniversary or birthday - Save yourself the embarrassment and misery of forgetting an important date. PopupReminder can be set to work years in advance.
  • Motivate yourself when you need it most - Sometimes times are tough, and it can be very difficult for you to do much of anything. Here's when PopupReminder can become personal. Write yourself a serious, heartfelt message into PopupReminder, and it will give it to you when you need it most.
  • Finally, have more free time you can enjoy - The best thing about you being more productive is that your free time feels better. And it's longer! You'll have time to start a new hobby, spend time with your family, read a book ... you can use your imagination.
  • Use your creativity. PopupReminder is completely flexible - This could be the program's best feature. Since it is completely up to you what "Pops Up", there are literally unlimited uses for this product. I'm sure you're more clever than I am. After you try PopupReminder, let me know what you come up with.

You know, the truth is, it seems like every day we stumble upon even more that PopUpReminder can do that we hadn't thought of before. And like I said, I'm curious to see what you come up with.

Only when you start using PopupReminder will you know for sure how the program is going to change your life.

That's why I convinced my business partners to let me "hand you the keys" ...

Test Drive PopupReminder

For 60 Days -- 100% Risk-Free


You know, I don't think PopUpReminder will work for everyone.

I have no control over your success. You may choose to purchase it and never run the program. You may run the program and just ignore the pop-ups, never giving the program a chance.

But as you'll find out, it will work for anyone who is willing to give it a shot. It works for me. It works for my family, my friends and coworkers.

I'm willing to bet money it will work for you.

Download the program, try it 100% risk-free, and if for any reason - even if you never use it - you're not satisfied, you'll get your money back. No questions asked.

You have two whole months to transform your life with this program, and I'm willing to bet you'll want to keep using it. For months. For years.

You may be asking, "Why am I offering this amazing guarantee?"

My motives are selfish. I know it's a great program, and I know more people will buy it if they feel secure about their purchase. If I was selling a piece-of-junk program, you bet I wouldn't be offering this kind of guarantee.

Dear Sheila,

I love your
new product "Popup Reminder" and I think your perspective on the matter is really unique.

I really think Popup Reminder is one of the best products in its market!

Congratulations and Keep Up The Great Work!

Ovi Dogar,


So, you know what you need to do now to eliminate your procrastination and finally reach your goals.

It's time you give PopupReminder a try.

You simply cannot afford to procrastinate on this. You need to order now.

I realize that if you've read this far, you are just like I used to be, and you have the tendency to tell yourself that you'll just "do things later."

I'm saying this for your own good - you must not put off downloading and installing PopupReminder.

  • First of all, remember, it's absolutely risk-free. I'm taking all the risk by letting you have the full program for 60 days.

  • You realize the more time you wait ... and procrastinate ... and decide not to take action, the farther you are going to be from living your dream life. You can't make up for lost time!

You're going to love the program, I know it.

Most people will live a mediocre life, stuck in their mediocre job, wishing they had it better... Not you!

You're going to use this program to change your life, and I'm proud of you.

Right after you order, you'll be able to download and install PopupReminder instantly. It runs on any computer with Microsoft Windows.

All you have to do is enter your payment information to start your 60 day, risk-free trial and start the amazing, fulfilling life you've been dreaming of ...

Order Now!

Good luck, and please do let me know your success story!

Sheila Scofield

P.S. People have been emailing me asking why PopupReminder is available for such a low price, since it's so powerful. PopupReminder is only available at the low price it is right now because it's a brand new product, hot off the presses, and I want to sell as many copies as I can so the word gets out there. It won't be available at this price forever.

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